Cricut Expression 2


The Cricut Expression 2 is a personal electronic cutting machine that makes it easy to create DIY projects without breaking the bank. Our moderately priced machine works with or without a computer and lets you cut a wide range of materials, from paper to cardstock to vinyl.

Welcome to the colourful world of Dylon


Dylon is a British brand of textile dyes and other household chemicals. Dye brands include Cold Water Dye, Machine Fabric Dye and Multipurpose Dye.

High quality water based paint : Anita's

Anita's Craft Paint is a high quality paint with excellent coverage and a wide spectrum of thick and creamy colours! Perfect for all your crafting needs !
Anita’s paints even advertises as being ideal for using on canvas.

Paverpol textile and decoration hardener

Paverpol is an environment friendly fluid used to make fabric rock hard. It’s original color is white, but it will dry as transparent in a few hours. The final hardening process takes in between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on the temperature. Paverpol artwork is weather resistant after hardening completely. It will withstand rain, wind, sun, snow and frost.

Pergamano - parchment craft


Parchment craft, also known as Pergamano, is the art of embellishing and decorating parchment paper (or vellum paper) through the use of techniques such as: embossing, perforating, stippling, cutting and coloring. Parchment craft has been predominately used in the making of cards but the techniques are being applied to related items such as bookmarks and picture frames as well as 3-dimensional sculptural paper projects such as ornaments and boxes.


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