Dream catcher peel offs

Create the most beautiful dream catcher decorations with peel-off stickers on acetate sheet with permanent markers.

Mandalastick peel-offs

The easy way to personalize your craft projects as they adhere to almost any surface including boxes, stationery, scrapbook pages, porcelain and glass.

Paper shape terrier

The paper shape terriers are available ! Dimensions  : 50 x 12 x 35cm

Markers for textiles

These markers are filled with water based inks in classic colors. Intended for writing and painting on fabrics. The track is normally withstand a repeated machine washing. Also suitable for different types of paper. Equipped with round tips and 500m trace length. Available in thick and thin points. All materials used comply with the EN-71 standards and at least two years of life. They are packed in sets of 4 or 6 pieces.

Fuzzy balls


Squish, connect and create with the Fuzzy balls. This pack features 50 colorful Fuzzy balls for endless ideas and hours of fun. An included instruction guide shows your little one how to make various creations, or he or she can create things from their imagination. The possibilities are endless which enable your child to bring his/her creations to life. Only for children from 4 years on.

Multicoloured pencils

Amazing triangle colour pencils MAGIC TR 10.4mm in wooden envelope from 100% FSC certified wood with special high quality tri-colour lead - 3 colour shades in a single lead. Available in 13 pcs set or 24 pcs set. Ergonomic triangle shape permits optimum grip and guiding of the pencil. permits optimum grip and guiding of the pencil. The pencil creates multi-colour trace that changes by rotating the tip. Unique for colouring of larger areas where multiple colour shades should alternate, e.g. grass, sea, and more. To reach the colour effect when using different drawing techniques (shading, hatching) the resulting drawing effect is more plastic compared to drawing with the use of classic colour pencil.

they're in : Chameleon 52 pen set


Bring colour control and simplicity to your artwork with Chameleon Color Tones - allowing you to create hundreds of colours with just fifty colour pens!


  • 1 x Chameleon Color Tones 52 Pen Set:
    • 50 x Double-Ended Color Tones Pens
    • 1 x Toner Pen
    • 1 x Detail Pen
    • 1 x Tweezers
    • 14 x Replacement Nibs
  • You can pre-order by mail to


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