Hanger and bracelet with Alu Wire Flat

Hanger 460120Hanger 460120-407100Armband 460120














Materials :




 40710022  47000110


Crea Metal Alu Flat


Cotton Wax


Crea Bijou Necklace


Plier with protectors

Instructions :


Cut pieces of Aluwire of 2x 4cm, 2x 6cm, 2x 8cm en 2x 10 cm.

Mark on each piece the middle.



Ply with the plier with protectors the ends to the middle.


 stap3  Slide the plied pieces over a piece of wax cotton or a Crea Bijoux necklace.

The bracelet is made in a similar way.

Cut 2 pieces that are a little bit longer than the contour of your wrist. Ply at one side of each piece with a round nose plier.

Cut pieces of minimal 3cm length.( the longer the wider the bracelet). Mark the middle and bend the pieces like for the hanger. Slide them on the 2 long pieces and ply the extremities with the round nose plier.